Becky's Glasses

A memorial poem for Rebecca SaraAnne Walking Sparrow (nee Small Eagle)

Please! Don't Worry About Me!

Her fervent plea to her friends dear. . .
There are times we feel her near,
her sweet spirit, closer than a sigh,
blowing toward our own by and by,
as one would blow a loving kiss,
knowing how very much we would miss
having her in our lives each day,
after her spirit is called away.

"Please! Don't worry about me!"

She begs of those who cannot see
when her time to leave draws nigh,
she'll kiss her babies with a sigh,
as mothers do who must depart
yet know time will soothe the heart
'til they greet one another again,
their joy, at last, erasing the pain.

"Please! Don't worry about me!"

Such loving concern in that plea,
remaining with me and surely you,
touched by her gentile essence true,
enough to feel that occasional kiss
blowing through us, who dearly miss
the soul of our Becky in this domain,
enough we'll never be the same again!

©Nancy L. Meek ~ July 12, 2005