Forever In Love

©2001 Nancy L. Meek

Oh, what have you done with my heart
that it will never love another more than you
It was yours completely from the very start
that very hour we met. Somehow I knew.

I could not get up and just walk away,
knowing you were waiting there for me
That hard knot I felt is still with me today;
and somehow, I'm sure it will always be.

How did you come to turn my heart around?
What power did you possess that made me leave;
pulling me back down to this solid ground;
turning me from that place of make-believe?

Oh, how I rode those tempetuous waves above
across oceans of diamonds shooting thru the air,
though nothing I felt can equal your love
waiting firmly on the ground for me down here.

It would take an act of God to tear me away
from the rock hard love I've found in you.
Our hearts were bound on that very first day;
and you know, My Love, it will always be true.

Your peace and happiness are all I ever wanted
even before you invited me into your heart;
and that seed of love still grows undaunted,
no matter the miles which may keep us apart.

Oh, my thoughts may wander here and afar
to white knights in search of maidens fair;
but, forsooth, my treasure's wherever you are,
Yon medieval notions just castles in the air.

True love's not fantasy gleaned from a crystal ball.
It's a serious condition, real as it can get.
No magic spells can prevent the glorious fall,
nor lessen the foundation on which it's been set.

I would never intentionally do anything to harm you,
to cause your world to turn hopelessly upside down.
Oh, this may come as a surprise and even alarm you,
but my love for you is rooted in fertile ground.

Just a word from your lips and I touch the sky,
bringing heaven down here from out of the blue.
Oh, I thank God that hour I fell with a sigh,
passionately and forever in love with you.


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