Sticks and Stones
by Nancy L. Meek, 11-14-01

It is fine to disagree...
For from such differences
more is learned
each about the other
thus more about life

but t'is more what we do
with what we have learned
that matters most
the choices we make
determining joy or strife

on the one hand we lose
on the other we gain
the scales tipped in favor
for those who choose
to have peace over pain

alas we'll survive
with what we've been dealt
in this arena of life
though some will still choose
to hit below the belt

emotions run high
in moments like these
in a war of words
where each soldier's pen
aims for the other's knees

one can only wonder
if the same would hold true
if eyes and palms met
without a single pen nearby
just what would they do

would one see his pain
reflected in the eye of the other
would they even try
at the cost of their pride
to understand a brother

no one can be perfect
as everyone indeed knows
not all have composure
or can know without doubt
the minds of friends or foes

each have their own agendas
on this carousel of love and hate
the question now arises
will our sticks and stones divide us
or will we grow up before it's too late

what exactly does it mean
when we call ourselves a 'family'
or even a brother or sister
does it have no meaning at all
when differences between us fall

do we kick each other out
or run away from home
unable to deal with the pain
is that the way it works
or are these my thoughts alone

words thrown in anger
indeed can cut like a knife
making one bloody bleed
straight from the heart
in this walk we call life

it is too terribly simple
to take the easy way out
calling it quits this way
throwing sticks and stones
filling the rest of us with doubt

for who will be the next to go
when anger rears its ugly head
when with no mercy at all
we are exhiled forever
because of words we've said

words are just that...words
but they do say alot
about how we're feeling
when we're shoved against a wall
given one last smoke, then shot!