Hi m'dear...I have a surprise for you. You said you wanted to work with lake applets...well here they are. If you will notice on your file manager, I placed lake.class...this is the applet. This you just leave alone, but it must be there on the same directory as the page upon which you place the lake applet code.

Rules of lake applets are: 1)You must use exact dimensions as saved upon your file manager...the width always = the same, the height is doubled minus 20.

2) no animations...sorry, but they just don't work.

Now most people just have the lake applet without tables, as you see above...but I like tables, as you see below. I just selected a couple of your images at random...you may use whatever you like...just copy and paste your image url into the place you can see it goes...

Now on this one I had to reduce the jpg size to 374X250 to make it more manageable...I like this, don't you???? ...the image magnolstar1.jpg is also now on your file manager.

Hey, have fun a'rippling through this new project, y'all...
luv ya y'know,