candle To My Love candle
©Nancy L. Meek October 1, 2003

By the time you read this letter,
Iíll be far away from you
I had no choice, you see
It was what I had to do.

I want you to know I love you
Even more than life itself
And it tears my heart in two
To leave you by yourself.

But I am a soldier, regardless
And I will stand to fight the foe
So, please donít think me heartless
For telling them I'd go.

Itís just that our nation needs me
To defeat the wrongs of men
And fighting for peace will feed me
ĎTil I taste your kisses again.

So, keep the home fires burning
And whisper a prayer or two
ĎTil you see my ship returning
And I lock my eyes on you.

Then wave to me, my sweet,
Wearing that smile of yours
That makes my world complete
And brings me home from wars.



Poetry and Stories of Warfare and Wisdom