Two Hearts Touching


Love through the distance rings

Trilling in my heart today

Borne on lyrical wings

In glorious mesmerizing array

Blessings from heaven shining

As diamonds in the morning dew

Kissing me softly defining

What the world cannot construe

My heart can’t help but race

When thinking of you near

For you have come through space

Chasing away my fear

Caressing my days with the sun

Capturing my heart supernally

Filling me with the grandest love

This side of eternity

No greater thing can I embrace

Than to know that you are there

‘Til time stands still encased

In the grandest love affair

The rainbow’s beauty will fade

In the light of our two souls

The greatest dreams ever made

Will forever be ours to hold

Just knowing that we share

One heart forever so true

Makes the darkest days rare

And the stars to sparkle anew

For who can claim in this life

They have met their perfect mate

Wrapped with divinity’s light

Entwined by heavenly fate

Except for the two of us, my love

For this I have come to know

We are blessed from above

By God who loves us so


In perfect rhyme embraced

In Dove and Eagle quill

With hearts and souls laced

We’re part of Heaven’s will

From the rock the ripple flows

Through pond and lake and sea

Interlocked the circle grows

Touching you touching me






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