We be tweakin': "http://pzzzz.tripod.com/namtour1.html"

Song playing is "Springtime on a Peaceful Hill"
I have included the large version of some pics....just thought you might like that.

1landinga.jpg 450w X 300h 26KB

img081.jpg 300w X 450h 22KB<--Your Choice!--> img081.jpg 300w X 450h 22KB
Psst! I like this one best!--^

img069a.jpg 450w X 300h 33KB

nam_patrola.jpg 435w X 275h 41KB

nam_patrol2abg.jpg 923w X 612h 102KB

nam_patrola.jpg 407w X 273h 41KB

nam_patrolabg.jpg 905w X 608h 110KB

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Let me know when you get these, so I can replace them with ones from a new page......which I better get busy working on.