body background width=768 height=512 filename=img109abg 64KB

img109a.jpg 450w X 300h 28KB

img022a.jpg 450w X 300h 17KB

img022abg.jpg 768w X 512h 31KB

nam_religiona.jpg 288w X 378h 25KB

nam_religionabg.jpg 801w X 1051h 111KB

nam_chow390w X 263h 21KB

The original pic size was 887w x 599h, so I shrunk it down to match the other big ones....just trying to be a consistent but if you'd like to have the 887 x 599 version, just holler. I have to warn you, however, that the 887x559 pic is 141KB versus the 70KB for the 768x512 pic

nam_chowabg.jpg 768w X 512h 70KB

img038a.jpg 300w X 450h 25KB

img038abg.jpg 340w X 515h 34KB

img034a.jpg 450w X 300h 26KB

img034abg.jpg 768w X 512h 65KB

img037a.jpg 450w X 300h 26KB

img037abg.jpg 762w X 512h 55KB

img054a.jpg 450w X 300h 28KB

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img040a.jpg 450w X 300h 29KB

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img036a.jpg 360w X 240h 21KB

img036abg.jpg 768w X 512h 62KB

img046a.jpg 360w X 240h 20KB

img046abg.jpg 768w X 512h 62KB

I had a rather difficult time trying to squeeze the next pic into your 445x295 parameters, so I just rounded it off to 450w X 300h. If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll put a half-nelson on it and see if that won't do the

nam_oldwomannstorea.jpg 450w X 300h 25KB

nam_oldwomannstoreabg.jpg 891w X 591h 66KB

img035a.jpg 360w X 240h 28KB

img035abg.jpg 768w X 512h 54KB

img047a.jpg 360w X 240h 18KB

img047a.jpg 450w X 300h 25KB

img047abg.jpg 768w X 512h 58KB

Semper Fi!