starani At This Moment starani

© Nancy L. Meek 02-14-03

This moment is all I have
to reveal how much you mean to me
No other thing in this world is as important
at this moment

Come, take my hand and walk with me, friend
through fields waiting to be explored
Sate this spilling desire to meld with you
at this moment

We'll talk, you and I, of dreams unfullfilled
the magic which brought us to this place
the urgency we feel to be so near
at this moment

Link your fingers with mine, Dear
and we will muse on the days gone by
reflecting how they affect both you and I
at this moment

We'll brace each other as we gingerly step
from the distant past to the here and now
holding fast to the feelings between us
at this moment

I trust you with my heart completely
although fragile at times it may seem
You are one reason I am still breathing
at this moment

For life was naught before I met you
but merely steps to where you are
Seems love is the reason I am here
at this moment

It was the hope I saw in your eyes
which lured my love your way
a bud, yay, yearning to be opened
at this moment

Suddenly struck I was not alone
our hopes and dreams so joined
seen through your eyes I'm still in awe
at this moment

Oblivious of heaven before "you"
I was lead by that Unseen Hand
toward this day, this hour, to be here
at this moment

As we are healed, they say
so we will learn in kind to love
and learn to heal others, such as
at this moment

The more love you send my way
the more I wish to give back to you
So, it's all your fault, as I see it
at this moment

All who share love are never alone
but are part of a family united by love
no longer in love, but simply loving
at this moment

God's angels flew down from heaven
to be with the likes of you and I
Can't you hear them clapping for joy
at this moment

Some hide love like flowers
too precious to be plucked
but, oh, not like the two of us
at this moment

We dare to dream the dream
shimmering in the distance there
the final mountain still beyond our steps
at this moment

A thousand miles the same as one
it's been an awesome journey for me
though still unsure of the full meaning
at this moment

All I know is what I feel this day
blessed by your presence through time
ending this poem now the most important thing
at this moment

But, forsooth, how can I stop just yet
while there is so much left to say
trying hard to remember why I love you
at this moment

So, I guess I'll just have to give you fifty
but only if you'll give me fifty too
It's only fair, don't you think
at this moment

I don't know, but I've been told
It's your hand I'd love to hold
but the exact reasons why escape me
at the moment

As I live and breathe, you are a joy!
Love, like Life, is still a mystery
Sargeant Sweet Cheeks. . .You silly boy!



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