Flaming Love

©2003 Nancy L. Meek

We walk abreast, humping our starkness
flame-to-flame, spiraling ever higher
burning holes through turbulent darkness
two hearts pumping passionate fire

From that first burning, palpitating kiss
to the last one we will ever share
we are doomed to an embedded bliss
Ahh, kiss me again, Love...See if I care!

Was number one as good for you
as it was for overly intoxicated me
making you thirsty for number two
willing to hurtle a fence for number three?

Yes, kiss me once more, my heart rule
pare my resistance down to the bone
weaken my knees...make me drool
Oh, Spark of My Flame, make me moan!

Raptured away by your tender caress
Heaven has indeed smiled on me today
The God of Purest Love I must confess
moved my timid soul to look your way

Another kiss our lips will never taste
in innocent's bliss as those of yesteryear
rushing headlong into each other in haste
hearts passionately gushing tremulous fear

The Master of All Love must have known
for the two of us, a warmer love lay in store
that first kiss but the spark of flames grown
So come! Kiss me again...Let's burn some more!

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