Photo Title 'Government Issue' earned Second Place for 'Ilustrative'
(Photo by Jeremy T. Lock, SSgt, USAF)

When Tyrants Rise Up
©Nancy L. Meek 2003

Until someone comes up with a better plan
when tyrants rise up, some of US will stand
detecting through the silence the gutteral cries
of those held captive by the master of lies;

So, off to war we will go once again
sacrificing our own to ease their pain
loosening shackles that bind the weak
who suffer in silence even as we speak.

For your safety do not interfere with Coalition Forces.
Coalition Special Operation Forces are here to end
the oppressive rule of Saddam's regime and
liberate the people of Iraq.

Everyone knows that war brings death
unspeakable atrocities within its breadth
while parents wring their hands in fear
the elite will claim their child this year.

Potential martyrs for a vicious king
pubescent soldiers in allegiance sing,
sacrificed so their families will be fed
"Give me your son or you will be dead!"

A child is viewed as a human shield...
a defensive weapon on the battlefield
clutched and held to a soldier's breast
his life expendable to the tyrant's best.

A courageous few, sickened by it all
have their tongues, in turn, nailed to a wall
examples for the benefit of anyone there
who might be inclined to show they care.

Such is the way of madmen possessed
who torture their citizens, totally obsessed
with instilling fear to make them obey
that is, until someone makes them pay.

Image presented by Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, Deputy Director of Operations United States Central Command, during Operation Iraqi Freedom briefing on 2 April 2003 at Doha, Qatar.

One day is equal to a thousand years
to those who live paralyzed with fear
Can't you hear the cries from where you are...
pointing your finger from a distant star?

What would Jesus do in such a case...
just turn His back on the human race
chuck it all, exclaiming, "What the hell!
So what if they are suffering. Oh well!"?

Would He simply ignore their muffled cries
let them be duped by the master of lies
or would He hold them in a loving embrace
teach them to know the enemy's face.

Answer me this: In a world gone astray,
who down here will run to save the day
until Our Father decides to settle the score
judging our fruits when kings declare war?

We do what we must...what we feel is right
when sadistic tyrants would rather fight
than answer pleas from a weary world
taunting our leaders with evil unfurled.

Image presented by Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, Deputy Director of Operations United States Central Command, during Operation Iraqi Freedom briefing on 8 April 2003 at Doha, Qatar.

Sometimes, it's the big stick we pick
regardless of the fact it makes some sick
to think more tyrants might rise later on
to fuel the fight once the others are gone.

So, what do you do? Please tell me true
until Our Lord stands there looking at you
asking, "What did you do in my name
when tyrants chose our brothers to maim?

Staff Sgt. Joseph Cole, headquarters commandant, HHC 82nd Airborne Division, hands a humantarian ration to a young Iraqi man near As Samawan. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Eric Foltz, 49th PAD)

Did you approach the king's front door
with an offer of peace instead of a war
implore him to cease his sadistic ways
firmly inform him, 'Deceit never pays!'?

And then, did you wash your hands of him
take matters into your own because of them
who were just too afraid to speak their mind
as they dreamed of a life of a better kind?

Did you remember my commandment to love
as war hawks debated with peaceful doves
taking into account the sacrifices ahead
as you marched your men into a sea of dread?

Soldiers of 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), mourn the loss of Capt. Christopher Seifert at a memorial ceremony, Monday at Camp Pennsylvania. Seifert was killed when a grenade was thrown into a sleep tent early Sunday morning. The attack left 15 other soldiers wounded.

Did you pray your head be anointed with oil
as your brave men bled on that foreign soil?
Did you pray for wisdom on the right thing to do
as more tyrants focused their eyes on you?"

All Eyes Are On US
by Nancy L. Meek 2003

Capt. Jimmie Cummings, commander, 49th Public Affairs Detachment, 82nd Airborne Division is surrounded by children during a humanitarian assistance mission outside As Samawan in central Iraq. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Eric Foltz, 49th PAD)

All eyes are on US in the wake of the fall
now, more than ever, we must rise to the call
instruct our brothers in the way they should go
praying all the while that closer we'll grow.

Let our relentless efforts not be in vain
in the aftermath of an evil tyrant's reign.
Let them cast their eyes upon our ways
bestowing hope they will know brighter days.

Civil affairs soldiers distribute BluePacks to school children in Jalalabad. (Photo courtesy of Civil Military Operations Center, Jalalabad)

Let them see that compassion and love
residing in the hearts of both hawk and dove,
the abiding respect we have for mankind
but let US not be the blind leading the blind!

All eyes are on US in the wake of the war
as angry fingers point from every shore
judging US harshly for what we have done
believing victory merely ours to be won.

Let US pray for wisdom in the days ahead
as we shower them with water and bread
as we teach them what it means to be free
to birth a new Eden without tyranny.

USMC Photo by Cpl. Matthew 'Aussie' Orr

Then, may we, after all the work has been done,
raise our tired yet humble eyes toward The Son
in gratitude for those warm and ceaseless rays
thankful that all eyes are on US these days.

Spc. Shannon L. Nicholson, 3/12, psychological operations based out of Fort Bragg went to the town of Al Shomali to talk to local residents regarding what is needed to be done to get the local schools and electricity up and running again. (USMC Photo by Cpl. Matthew 'Aussie' Orr)

Image presented by Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, Deputy Director of Operations United States Central Command, during Operation Iraqi Freedom briefing on 3 April 2003 at Doha, Qatar.

May we stand proud in the wake of the fall
Showing, by example, who we truly are:
One Nation Under God...Indivisible
with Liberty and Justice for All!

God Bless America, Our Allies, The Oppressed
and Our Gallant Soldiers, Here and Abroad!

Background Photo Source: U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND

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