You Had to Be There
by Nancy L. Meek, December 1, 2002

When that holy babe came forth from your womb,
Did your eyes spill over with tears of joy?
Could you truly know, in that make-shift room
What great miracle lay inside your baby boy?

Could you see, when you gazed into His eyes,
As you wiped the pablum from His chin,
The face of God's Son, so loving and wise,
Our Emmanuel, God's greatest gift to men?

That Christmas Day, were you rapt in awe
Like those shepherds who followed that star?
Did you see in Him, the wonders they saw
Foretold by the Angel of the Lord in fields afar?

You must have felt blessed among women indeed,
Having carried our King beneath your breast;
Favored by our Father to bring forth His seed;
His hand maiden, chosen above all the rest.

Oh, to have been there on that first Christmas Day...
To glimpse His holy face as it came from your womb
Would surely have taken my humble breath away...
Fainting deadaway right there in that very room.

Did the angels hover 'round the immaculate scene
Singing praises here on earth and in heaven above
That moment you brought forth our Lord, the King?
Ah, to have been there and touched the face of Love!

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