Crazy In Love
© Nancy L. Meek 2002

I must be crazy
But my mind is always on you
No matter where I go
You're there stronger than glue

Your gentle touch, Love
Astounds me with its power
A rock hard yet velvet love
Warm as a summer shower

I must be crazy
Longing for your arms around me
The very thought of you
Deliciously hounding me

I would simply just die
If I couldn't feel you beside me
Leaving indelible traces
Of this love I cannot deny

I must be crazy
For being so blind before now
How our hearts are as fingers
Interlaced along the bough

Yes, we're searching
Eternally reaching for the light
Digging deep and deeper
Conquering the uncomfortable night

We're truly blessed, you and I
With pristine love exceedingly rare
Passionate hearts embracing
Searching for answers out there

I must be crazy, Dear
But wasn't it only yesterday
When I first ran into you
Sweeping me off my feet that way

We chose our words so carefully
Stepping gingerly through the grass
With fragile hearts yearning
Hands touching through the glass

Oh, yes I'm crazy
Thinking the impossible coming true
Each night, tossing and turning
The place beside me lonely for you

I can't escape from you
The need stronger than any ol' wine
Drunk from the dreaming
Your heart beating next to mine

Oh, yes, My Darling, I'm crazy
But I Love You, can't you see
No other can ever take your place
Our hearts entwined eternally

Oh, how thrilling it is
Knowing you're always there
Going that extra mile
To show me how much you care

My eyes grow misty
Thinking how far we've come
Two lost souls searching
In epistles growing as one

I must be crazy
But I get all weak in the knees
Seeing us cavorting in the garden
Forever blooming among the leaves

Oh, let hands do what leaves do
Stretch toward the bosom of light
Caressing the warmth they find there
Holding onto it 'til heaven leaks bright

Press onward, My Dear
I'll be here with a love so true
Wallowing among the roses there
Crazy in love with only you

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