Enchanted Forest
by Nancy L. Meek

There's a miracle reigning in the leaves
Veined with glory, a blessed plan divine
Its beauty seen if one perceives
A photosynthesis of a loving kind

The caterpillar spins his cocoon
Upon a branch in this, my forest lair
Preparing for that one day soon
His grappling wings will beat the air

Sheltered on the leaf-strewn floor
Seeds of life await their turn
To stretch their arms toward heaven's door
Performing without the need to learn

Everything this garden needs
For millions of years to come
Is here...water, air, earth, seeds
The soft warm rays from a perfect sun

I stand in awe of God's perfect plan
Designed with love from His own heart
Enchanted by it all, I see His hand
Oh, blessed am I to view His art

I feel so small in comparison there
Against these trees, the voluminous sky
Breathing in this clear magestic air
Just the two of us, His miracle and I

The nearby brook beckons the fawn
Who sniffs the air for dangers unseen
Then bends his head to the forest lawn
Drawn to the water crisp and clean

Such an enchanting place to be...
Blending among the leaves
Stepping through this fertile sea
A living miracle if one believes

In this world of jade I am changed
Leaning with the trees in azure blue
Through metamorphosis, rearranged
No longer part of the carnal stew

I'm lost eternally in nature's tune
Reluctant to leave this forest green
Forever a part of the scene, I swoon
Swallowed whole by this wood serene

All troubles fly beyond the trees
Forbidden to mar God's perfect place
A lark breaks forth singing to the breeze
A piece of heaven in earthen space

I hear the distant rushing falls
Gushing across the rocks above
Ah, my heart's alive inside these walls
For here resides my Father's love


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