Faces from the Three Brothers Memorial located near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall located in Washington, D.C.

jumping from huey
jungle stare
T h e y   A r e   H e r e !

In your heart . . .
In your mind . . .
In your soul . . .

A band of brothers
Who loved their country . . .
Who paid the ultimate toll . . .

Always remember to never forget
our patriots who gave their all
for comrades around them falling
whose names now grace The Wall
chiseled on our minds and hearts
as we turn and stroll away
their burnished eyes in our backs
so real, so close, still touching us today
frozen, pleading to our weeping souls
that search for answers still
their untold stories yet unfolding
some forever buried on a foreign hill
that lingers in their eyes of bronze
in metaphoric silent stares
that pierce our hearts . . . as they should
lest, caught off guard. . . no one cares.

single red rose
"They Are Here!"
© Nancy L. Meek, April, 2005

I f    y o u   a r e   a b l e,

Save for them a place
Inside of you,
And save one backward glance
When you are leaving,
For the places they can no longer go,
Be not ashamed to say
You loved them,
Though you may or
May not always have,
Take what they have left
And what they have taught you
With their dying
And keep it with your own,
And in that time
When men decide, and feel safe,
To call the war insane,
Take one moment to embrace
Those gentle heroes
You left behind.

By Captain Michael Davis O'Donnell
Killed in Action 24 March 1970, Republic of Vietnam
Promoted to Major after status changed to MIA

Read a detailed description of O'Donnell's final heroic mission:

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
"Into the Killing Zone"
©Col. Donald Summers
Edited by Robert Noe

Visitor Comment about Captain O'Donnell:

Profound respect for Capt Davis O'Donnell's courageous attempt to recover patrol in contact with NVA in Cambodia 24th March 1970.

That day I was teaching new pilots confined area procedures in the Wessex HC2 (S-58 with twin turbines fitted) in the UK.

I flew many patrols in and out of border LZs in Borneo 1965-66 in a Whirlwind 10 (Single Turbine fitted H-19) during Confrontation with Indonesia.

'We take them in - we get them out.' Indeed we do.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

Jim Cheetham
Ex- RAF GD Heli Pilot.


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