Still Hungry
For You!


Grant me patience, my Lord and my Rock
Satisfy my growing hunger to feel you near
Here in my heart where my love for you grows
Every hour of the day, year after year
singleredrose singleredrose

I want to feel you here in the deepest part of me
Filling me to the brim with your wonderous love
Melding with my every cell... with a rapturous feeling
Pure love pouring down on me from above
singleredrose singleredrose

Like a starving child, my soul crawls toward you
Praying that soon you will answer my plea...
Part the silent skies with your hands in two
And cross heaven's floor just to be with me


My mortal soul is crying out for you,
So why hide from me when I call your name?
Can you tell me, my Lord, what I must do
To keep my hungry heart from going insane?
singleredrose singleredrose

When you are close, there is nothing I fear
And I know my soul will go on loving you
In this life and throughout eternity
You're the solid rock I'll always cling to
singleredrose singleredrose
Meet me soon, Lord. It doesn't matter where
Satisfy my hunger for your presence once more
For I'm nothing without knowing you are there
With arms opened wide in heaven's open door
I Need You,
My Lord!


I'll wait for you to join me in my small space
As long as it takes and without any fear
For you've spoiled me with your loving grace
Made my heart race whenever you're near.

single red rose single red rose

So, come to me if you would, sweet precious Lord
Hear my pleas joined in one heavenly accord
I praise you now and through all of eternity
Yet I am still hungry for you...oh, can't you see

single red rose single red rose

Guide my steps with your love and your light.
Mold me with the power of your loving hands
Take my soul into your arms and hold me tight,
Lest my days be dry as hot desert sands.

sun through trees
Illinois Sunrise
sun through trees

I am yours and will always be, my Lord on high
Though the distance between us seems far today
I will always love you...even if the sun falls from the sky
For you created me and can take my breath away.

single red rose single red rose

You have shown this humble servant your Iron Rod
Filled me with sweet honey through and through
Now, let me see your face! Oh, my dear God!
Here on my knees...I'm still hungry for you!

single red rose

peace dove
Thank you, Roxy, for this beautiful graphic!
peace dove

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