aniroses Love is Like a Rose aniroses
by Nancy L. Meek (c) 2002

In the beginning, a seed was planted
and the gift of Love began to grow
a supernal treasure, far greater than
a yearning heart could hope to know

Its perfumed beauty graces the garden
enticing all who have longed for its birth
who would stop and smell the Rose of Love
God's most precious gift to all the earth

Some cannot see past the painful thorns
which can pierce a heart to its very core
afraid to acknowledge the wondrous truth
it can also heal a heart grown sore

It can lift our spirits from deepest despair
caress our souls with its velvet touch
make life's traumas much easier to bear
Ah! The Rose of Love is capabable of such

It can soften the hardest of hearts
bring the weariest souls to their knees
thankful to Heaven for all it imparts
giving to the garden what it sorely needs

With a lure so overwhelmingly strong
one cannot help but want to hang around
to fill one's empty senses, lingering long
gather in its pure essence, spinning 'round

Ah! Yes! Love is like a red red Rose
thriving in God's garden of life
pricking the unwary with its many thorns
drawing blood like a surgeon's knife

The pain it brings can hold one at bay
for plucking to share, it can make one bleed
offered freely, some will just throw it away
The beauty of the Rose not always perceived

If only we could see the treasures within
invision them climbing over the garden wall
soak in the aromas, we would know in the end
It's better to risk the pain than not to love at all

Then afterwards, would come the healing
the Divine Sealing of heart, spirit and soul
a rainbow-after-the-storm, revealing
The Rose of Love is the Sweetest Goal!


Roses are Red, My Love
Violets are Blue
Sugar is Sweet, My Love
But not as Sweet as You

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