My Shadow
by Nancy L. Meek (c)1998

There is no place where I can go
My faithful shadow does not know.
It follows me from room to room
And naps with me each day at noon.
It's there, behind, with every step,
Crossing the floor where I just swept,
Stretching prone on my laundry sweet
In sun-warmed piles around my feet,
Spilling on the chair next to me
While having lunch or sipping tea.
But, today I tricked it in the yard
And ran from it so very hard...
'Round and 'round in circles there
Until it wasn't anywhere;
Ah! But then, I heard behind my fanny,
"Here I am, behind you, Granny!"

porchsteps Maybe Today
by Nancy L. Meek (c)2002

Indeed, how swiftly fly the years
Why, it seems like it was just yesterday
We were laughing and dancing together
Without fear of what tomorrow might bring

I thought there would be plenty of time
To show you things you've never seen
Like the rainbow forming in the open sky
Or the sunrise over an ocean of green

Who could know that the day would come
When the light would die in your eyes
When the stars at night would shine no more
When all of heaven would close its doors

With tears, one season follows another
Pastoral scenes are meaningless now
Sunsets seem less dramatic somehow
Each new day just melding into the other

Where will you find the courage to go on
Stumbling through the dark on sunny days
Where have all those moments gone
You looked in awe at those glorious rays

What words of comfort can I offer you
To help you through the dark days ahead
When I can no longer laugh, dance or sing
Without fear of what tomorrow might bring

Here, take my hand, m'dear...walk with me
Together, we'll look 'til we find the way
Perhaps there's light up ahead yet to see
Shining still, if not yesterday, maybe today

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