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Kissed by the Night
By Nancy Meek, © July 12, 2001

The night lay softly all around me
Caressing my skin with his fingers
Stroking my soul with his warmth
His beauty in ecstasy lingers.

I am standing at the edge of the world
Absorbed by the rushing sea
Heart and head careening
Captured by its infinite energy.

The stars in the heavens surround me
Winking all through the night
Shining candles silently blinking
Making everything seem so very right.

I dearly love the comforting night
Kissing my worldly cares away
Banishing shadows into ebony skies
Filling my eyes with celestial display.

I lift my arms to the shooting stars
Shimmering brightly upon my skin
I can see clearly from Jupiter to Mars
The night and I are kith and kin.

The vastness of the heavens astound me
So small I am in comparison there
My troubles now seem so trivial
Eclipsed by his majestic air.

I marvel at the man in the moon
At his power over the supernal sea
Pumping the waves of the ocean
Pushing and pulling eternally

Each evening brings new wonder
Refreshing my love of the night
Lost in his cosmos...his coming thunder
Rumbling through heaven with all his might.

White capped waves come crashing
Lactescent against the groin
Hungering to reach the waiting shore
Propelling sea and sand to join.

I straddle the sturdy wall
Tossing my hair into the breeze
Bare my breasts to the pale moonlight
I'm alive on the heaving seas!

I swoon to the pulse of the ocean
Throbbing and teeming with life
The pinnacle of love’s emotion
Effervescent on a moonlit night.

Salty foam washes over the rocks
Trickling slowly back to the sea
Glistening by the light of the moon
Where lovers’ hearts shine eternally.

Each sunset I reach to the sky, yearning
To be filled with the approaching night
Waiting, breathless, heart and soul burning
Anticipating the touch of earthy delight.

I whisper softly into twilight’s ear
Forever captured by his loving kiss
May all my tomorrows begin and end
Lost in the arms of a night like this!

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