My One and Only You

I'm waiting by the telephone, My Love

Just in case you decide to give me a call

My Special Angel sent from up above,

It's into only your arms that I want to fall

You are the only one in this whole wide world

Who can make my heart go "pitter patter"

Let me know, Sweetheart, that I'm still your girl

That in your life, I really and truly matter

Only one and only you, My Sweet

Can make that stardust twinkle in my eyes

Yes, it's true, you knock me off my feet!

Does that come to you as any surprise?

I melt at the very thought of your touch

That exciting magic only you possess

I love you, My Darling, so very, very much

I'm telling you now, so you won't have to guess

You are my life-long dream come true

No other can ever, ever, take your place

The only lips I want to kiss belong to you

I long for your warm and tender embrace

Just pick up that phone and make it ring

Whisper sweet nothings into my waiting ear

Only you can make my lil ol' heart sing

Yes, only you, m'Dear....don't you hear?

Let's trip the light fantastic, my Dear Sweet Love

Pull me into your arms and dance with me

Until the moon surrenders to the sun above

Groovin' until we get all weak in the knees

Let's leave behind those old worldly cares

Lose ourselves deeply in each other's eyes

Let's make ours, the grandest of all love affairs

Oh, King Of My Heart, who makes my temperature rise!

We could make beautiful music together

Just lil ol' me and a handsome hunk...namely, You!

Whether it's in springtime or cold weather

Shoved against each other, we'd make fantasies come true

Walk with me, talk with me, breeeaaathe with me

I'll show you all the things you've been missin'

Grow boldly old with me...even unto blessed eternity

I'll tell you so much more if only you're willing to listen

I'm waiting for you...only you, to speak to my heart

Because without you near, I feel so all alone

I knew that you were my destiny...from the very start

So, come on, Honey Babe! Pick up that phone!!

With Love For Only You, I Am

Just Lil Ol' Lonesome Me

A Kiss for You

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