whales In This Eternal Sea whales

My pen hears the beat of your core
Propelling me through time and space
Rippling toward your distant shore
Oh, if I could only see your face
Feel the beat of your chest rise and fall
Know if my words have carved a place
Within your breast....or mean nothing at all
Oh, if I could only this distance erase
Hear your pen whispering back to mine
See my heart dance in the rhyming wind
Feeling you touch me one more time
Oh, if I could only know you, my friend
See us sailing across this vast poetic sea
Coming closer with every blessed rhyme
Knowing one day our souls will be free
Oh, if I could only last 'til that moment in time
Rise above this weary world rife with pain
Sail on to that waiting shore without fear
Ride this carousel through sunshine and rain
Oh, if I could only do it with you near

God Loves Us! I Know!

Come dance with me, my eternal friend
Tap your heels to the tune of celestial praise
Let me know you are with me to the end
Oh, if I could only guide you through this maze

You dance mawvulusly!

Feel God's love washing over your soul
Know His love for you will always be true
Allow Him to take permanent control
Oh, if I could only make you feel Him too
See His presence no matter where you go
Open your eyes to His powers that be
Watch the seed He planted in you grow
Oh, if I could only show you Him through me
Write me, write me.... and don't ever give up
Continue this fight for your immortal soul
Picture us drinking from the same loving cup
Oh, if I could only warm your heart so cold
From the rock, the ripple will always flow
Forming new life like sperm in an embryonic sea
Feel your pen rising higher, with me in tow
Oh, if I could only wrap my heart around thee

you me


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