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God bless the USA graphic by Ruby Beloz
Graphic Designed by Ruby Beloz ©2001 Thank You, Ruby!

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of those individuals who lost their lives and to those survivors whose lives have been changed forever because of the actions of these terrorists. We pray they may find hope, courage and peace in the days ahead to help them cope with these malicious acts.

It is our fervent hope the responsible parties will be captured and brought to justice, denying them the chance to inflict death, pain and suffering on future innocent citizens. We, the American people, must remain united to fight this battle of horrific evil, called terrorism. To allow terrorism to rule our lives is an atrocity in itself, denying us the freedoms to which we so strongly cling. Our great country was founded on the principles of freedom, one nation, indivisble, under God.

May it always be so!

Silent Skies

by Nancy L. Meek © 09-11-01

The portion of the Pentagon that was hit by a hijacked airplane on Sept. 11 is lit up by artificial light as round-the-clock recovery efforts continue. 
U.S. Army photo by SSG John Valceanu 214th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Tonight the skies are silent

from planes ordered to the ground,

a government-issued warning

'til the terrorists could be found.

The American people are grieving

for innocent victims killed

with malice, without warning,

thousands of hearts forever stilled.

They were hard-working citizens

merely living the American dream,

with jobs, homes and families,

enjoying life in freedom's beam;

but tonight, the skies are silent,

their voices heard no more,

no mothers kissing their children

no fathers coming through the door.

Friends and neighbors met their end,

uncles, aunts, sons and daughters, too

nieces, nephews and grandparents. . .

killed today by a demonic few

The Pentagon in flames moments after a hijacked jetliner crashed into the building Sept. 11, 2001. Photo by Cpl. Jason Ingersoll, USMC

Yes, the skies are silent tonight;

all airports have been closed;

government buildings set on fire

from forces of evil imposed.

We watched in abject horror

as the towers burst into flames

American lives being shattered

the victims of vile human games.

Oh, my God, we could not believe

what our eyes perceived as true. . .

our very own passenger planes

were slicing the towers in two.

Disguised as one of our own

balls of fire billowed into the sky.

Out of the dragon's mouth it came

belching hatred on our towers on high.

People came running from everywhere

to help out where they could,

Americans helping one another

united in their brotherhood.

People were hanging out of windows,

flames licking behind them there;

some in business suits began jumping,

matching ties flapping in the air;

but, the moment was short-lived

for the towers came crashing down,

one after the other, shuddering,

steel and dust crashing to the ground!

New York, NY, September 21, 2001 --The site of the World Trade Center. Photo by Michael Rieger/FEMA News Photo _______ New York, NY, September 21, 2001 -- Smoke still billows from the remains of the World Trade Center. The clean up operation is expected to take months. Photo by Michael Rieger/ FEMA News Photo

The cloud of dust sent them fleeing

away from the tragic site,

running in panic for their lives,

running with all their might!

When the dust finally settled,

survivors returned to lend a hand

for this is the American way

pulling together to help a fellow man.

The streets of the Capitol are silent tonight,

silent as our vacant skies;

everywhere there is a deathly quiet

as we ponder on the whys.

New York, NY, September 19, 2001 -- A New York Fire Department worker takes a break amidst the piles of rubble at the World Trade Center. Photo by Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo

New York, NY, September 20, 2001 -- Writing on the windows of buildings near the World Trade Center. Photo by Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo

Shock gives way to anger

for the atrocities we've been dealt,

the attacks by these butchers

every American has felt.

They want to frighten us into chaos,

bring our great nation to the ground,

destroy and divide us, like the towers,

laughing as they bring us down;

but we will not let that happen

for united we will stay

fighting for all that's right and good,

defending freedom all the way

American Bald Eagle

We will seek out those responsible,

make them answer for what they've done,

holding them utterly accountable

for the death of every one.

What did these Americans do

to deserve this act of war?

Silenced, may they rest in peace,

free at last on heaven's shore.

Tonight, among the buildings' rubble,

another innocent victim dies.

We look to heaven for the reasons

but, all we hear are silent skies

New York, NY, September 28, 2001 -- Firefighter watches debris removal at the World Trade Center from nearby roof. Photo by Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo Searching For Answers


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"Silent Skies"
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