A Special Love Letter For You

True Love's Ways

by Nancy L. Meek

No sweeter words have I ever heard
Than those you have shared with me
My own emotions captured in every word
Rippling love on devotion's bent knee

Our hearts indeed beat as one My Love
And eternity is a very long time it's true
Still it does not seem quite long enough
When I think of spending it with you

Our true love has matured over time
Growing warmer with each passing day
Co-joined...celebrating each hill we climb
Tip-toeing to peek o'er rainbows far away

I search my heart for the perfect line
Expressing the emotions I am feeling
But you beat me to it...time after time
Sending tears falling, heart and soul reeling

How can it be...two hearts so in tune?
I never thought it possible to love this way
Sweeter than roses-to-the-eye in bloom
More in love with you with each passing day

In life's garden our love will always grow
Although at times I could almost die
Divinely blessed with this love we know
So powerful it just makes me want to cry

Oh, these days pass too swiftly now
Each sunrise means one less we will share
But hope remains in my heart somehow
Heaven will hold more beautiful ones there

Your loving words rumble through my heart
Producing visions of caressing you
Seducing scenes of you-and-me art
Loving vibrations enhancing the view

Shot with an arrow of the most loving kind
Tears trickle to lips with me-and-you prayers
Knowing we are of one heart, one mind
One soul in the grandest of love affairs


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