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Excerpt from Gary Jacobson's poem...
"Independence Day"
By Gary Jacobson ©2002

Give a hearty cheer
For those who shed their blood for you.
When the red, white and blue
Streaks the sky,
Remember those who for their flag
On faraway soil did bleed and die...

Die that our children might in this land breathe free
In this hallowed land of liberty.
For Americaís great destiny
Lies in its right to choose.
Honor our forefatherís brave precepts
Or our brave country lose.

So ever hail the red, white and blue,
That on this day brings a teary eyed dew.
Raise her banners high and higher,
Celebrate with fireworks last gleaming fire,
The rockets red glare,
The bombs bursting in air.

Unfurled in the stars and stripes might
We fervently pray
Never in vain will have been our fight.
For with duty
We offered our most revered birthright.

Vetís honored our grand old flag
With supreme patriotism
For freedom fought
With gallant heroism
Now we pray with sacrifices given stalwartly
Our flag will fly on into the annals of history
Flying forever over the land of the free...
Waving over the home of the brave...

Image Credit - White House Photo

Welcome Home
By Gary Jacobson ©2002

Welcome Home
I know it's late...but welcome home
To our nation's choicest sons
Who fought persevering might of guns
Who answered our country's clarion call
All giving some, but some giving all!
Sent forth to preserve my liberty
My land sanctified still because of thee
Still brave, still free...
Welcome home!

Welcome home my honored soldier
Gallant savior
Responsible for the very air I breathe
Who once dauntless, a beloved homeland did leave
Sent to battlefields nourished by blood uncouth...
Forsaking forever flowers of fairest youth
Your heart bearing grave spiritís brave
Sent forth simply, our way-of-life to save...
Welcome home!

Welcome home
He for whom there were no ticker-tape parades
No greeting hurrahs, or accolades...
No church bells peeling for joy
When on silver birds home came our soldier boy
No roses strewing the way
No hearty cheer hurray
No village lads and lassies gay
No laurel wreaths then, or now
Bestowed upon his loyal brow...


Welcome home
Accept now our belated, deserved cheers...
To silence now those protesting jeers
Haunting from dark of killing night
To dawnís purest light
Riding into the voracious maw of hell
Oh the stories of hell you'll tell
As demons you still fight within
Hearing in memory still that awful din...
Welcome home!

Welcome home
My modern day knight
Who fought with courageous force of will and might
Sought by justice to restore the right...
Sent forth to the land of the quick and dead
Held aloft his banner by intrepid prowess led
Governed by hallowed precepts evil men dread
Where in sweltering heat, mind and body bled
Because brave men their very life gives...
Freedom lives!

Welcome home oh lionhearted warrior
Noble soldier
Struggling through tears and fears
Lo these many years
My courageous brother-in-arms
Who boldly went forth into a world of harms...
For me...

Photo Credit--Steve Brandenburg

God bless now your destiny...
Welcome home!

Welcome home
Honorable soldier who rode that bestial carnivore
Called war
That demon whose ravenous spirit viciously tore
At the very fabric of freedom
Rent to tatters in Vietnam
Before your time grown old and tired
Now dejected...disillusioned...respected...much admired...
Welcome home!

Welcome home
Heroes whose valor adorns in victory
Duty crowned with diademís royalty
Echoing in hallowed halls of history...
He who by his good right arm mastered the foe
That peace, planted in hope, might surely grow
Stouthearted men who sacrificed all for me
I, at long last, your honored glory see
Oh valiant soul who helped very freedom be...

Welcome home! Welcome home! Welcome home!


Just Souls
Nancy L. Meek, ©2002

Lift up your voice. Follow me
Thank the ones who kept us free
Whether home field or Isle of Nam
Offer prayers and an open palm

Salute the brave, the tried, the true
Who loved Liberty through and through
Who clutched the torch and held it high
Who ran with it to the battle cry
For souls like me and you

Who loved our country more than self
Left comfort home upon a shelf
Risked it all for freedom's hue
Doing, of course, what they had to do
For souls like me and you

We have a choice. Follow them
In faith; pave the way for future men
Light of hope around them pearled
Or live oppressed in a bitter world

Evil is still alive on planet Earth
Caring not for Freedom's worth
Peace and Love beyond their grasp
Doomed to Hell's eternal lock and hasp

The soldiers die. The poppies blow
Toward Heaven's fields, row-by-row
Plucked from Earth; and by and by
We, each, will reach beyond the sky
To touch a petal where poppies grow
Just souls like you and I


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