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War Garden Party
© Nancy L. Meek, June 01, 2003

The only truly profitable war, really,
is the one against the hate... is it not?
That ravenous seed, growing so freely,
seeks to devour the whole human lot.

War, like Frost's way, leads on to war
a garden path leading to an infernal gate
unless we're sure of what we're fighting for
to seek out and cull the seed of HATE.

soldier and infant son

There's a man with a gun way over there
perpetuating wars' tangled thorny sorrows
so he and his buddies can survive the affair
to rise and shine on more unsure tomorrows.

No one seems to have all the answers
on just how to stop this evil noxious weed
choking the lives of our patriotic dancers
their innocence left back in the field to bleed;

rain cover

Lyndon Johnson

Too many now resemble the walking dead
a consequence of man's inhumanity to man
raped by unadulterated hate, they have bled
unable to wash the evidence from their hands.

Stop, children! What's that traumatic sound?
It's war and hate blooming with amazing force
because viable means have yet to be found
to destroy the weed at its determined source.

Look, everybody, at what's going tragically down...
War's evil fanatical plow turning new ground!
Is there no end to the good seeds who will die
simply because we can't stop the reason why?

buried in rubble

weeping wife

There's a line being drawn we dare not cross
displacement reaction, the name of that game.
Change the blame, the clothes, sugarcoat the loss
change its name; the party stinks, just the same.

mimicking memorial

Crash this war garden party and make it stop,
cull the seed of hate in the hearts of our youth;
make the next generation the cream of the crop,
not destined to know such tragic war uncouth.

We have within us the means to get it right
if we will simply nurture the seed of love
work together with all our heart and might
producing good fruit sown by God above.


clutching dad's leg

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