American Eagle...Photo Courtesy of Tripod Image Gallery
The Battle for Peace
© Nancy L. Meek October 10, 2001

They say we must get back to normal
After all, life does indeed go on
But how do we lead lives informal
When part of our heart is gone?

We have seen Hell in all its fury
Spewing its flames against an azure sky.
In horror, we watched the towers bury
Those who came to work, only to die.

Why do our hearts go on beating?
Will we ever get over the pain?
In our own little worlds, retreating,
Tears well in our eyes again and again.

Memories from the past come in waves
Pushing to the forefront of the mind
Becoming the masters to unwilling slaves
With freedom from tears hard to find.

A look, a voice, a turn of a head
And we're sure we see someone there
Only reminding us again they are dead
Reminding us that life is so unfair.

Laughter will be hard to come by
For those who lost loved ones dear.
The orphaned children, at night, still cry
For the parents no longer near.

We cannot see their smiling faces
Without missing them even more
The question through the mind races,
"What were they dying for?"

U.S. Army photo by SSG John Valceanu 214th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment U.S. Army Reserve Fort Belvoir, VA

Indeed, it will come down to more killing
Not turning, this time, the proverbial cheek
Our gaping beaks hang waiting and willing
Our talons exposed for the demons we seek.

The skies again will burn with the battle's hue
As the eagle soars, in search of his prey
Lest we all die in a bitter carnal stew
By terrorists who know no other way.

Eagle Searching

'Tis an oxymoron of the most horrific kind...
Fighting today for a peaceful tomorrow
Saving the future from knowing evil defined
So they may have peace without the sorrow.

We will remember the sacrifices made
Those days under a warm September sun
By those who with their own lives paid
Putting others ahead of Number One.

In our hearts, they have a special home
For they have proven love still reigns supreme
That, even with all the evil we have known,
We must cleave to the impossible dream.

We must fight for the children of tomorrow
So none will be afraid to board a plane and fly
That their mouths will never hang in horror
From terrorists declaring "You are about to die!"

We will remember all those missing faces
Smiling back at us in memories of yesterday
Before the terrorists left of them no traces
Leaving holes in our hearts which won't go away.

We must fight with whatever it takes
Lest the victims should die in vain
Realizing that evil has raised the stakes
Threatening our peaceful future once again.

We will remember the horrors we've seen
Will be reminded of what we have lost
Will keep asking, "What does it all mean?"
"Why do the innocent have to suffer the cost?"

Dove of Peace comforting angels border=0

We will remember it all, because we must
Lest we become as the ruthless, uncaring foe
With a heart of stone, perpetually unjust
Standing at the edge of Hell, prepared to go.

Indeed we must fight for those who'll come after
Laboring for worldly peace as a loving slave
Lest our own air resound with Talibanic laughter
Dancing across Freedom's flowerless grave...

United, We Stand!
Divided, We Fall!


United States Pledge of Allegiance

American Bald Eagle

In the battle for eventual peace, many of our soldiers will be going overseas. There is nothing pretty about war and it will affect them all, many in ways they cannot begin to imagine. If they and our allies can stop these terrorists, war may no longer be viewed as forever on the world's front door step.

May God bless us all in our quest for peace!

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"The Battle for Peace"
©Nancy L. Meek, October 10, 2001

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