Mt. Rainier
A Brighter Tomorrow
by Nancy L. Meek © 10-25-01

The earth holds more than dust from fallen towers
But the graves of those who lost their lives that day
Who left a world possessed with demonic powers
To enter a realm where fear and pain cannot stay

The ground will sweeter be, from those who enter in
Receiving their remains, which in turn make life anew
A sacred place now, for those 'remembering when'
Their golden wings soared up to heaven's blue

Every weeping heart must hold onto the everlasting hope
That, beyond this imperfect world, a better place awaits
That, this promise, in some way, will help us cope
In the aftermath of terror when thousands met their fates

In time, the tears will slow, though it does not seem so now
Life will go on, with the moon still pushing waves to the shore
Fall still bending limbs to winter, the earth revolving somehow
Bringing spring flowers, summer, and September...once more

Oh, yes, we will put behind us the past and all its fears
And the young will grow old, hopefully in a brighter tomorrow
The years ahead will surely give way to still more years
And the tears of today will be dry on these pages of sorrow

We will each face our own demise sooner or later in time
Coming to grips that to dust we must all one day return
With our feet no longer plodding this pain-filled trail we climb
With our souls pushing off from this evil world we spurn

The hope of a brighter tomorrow lies ahead of us still
Beyond this place of death, where so many now grieve
Where loved ones wait for us at the top of the hill
Where purest love enfolds those who need only believe

But, until our turn comes, we must bravely move on
Pick ourselves up by the boot straps the best we can
Brushing off the dust from that fateful day now gone
Trusting in Almighty God to fulfill His eternal plan

Through our Lord's suffering and pain on the cross
An everlasting life awaits at the end of our road
Each terrorist act reaffirming those who are lost
The grace of God saving us from that same heavy load

Some will see the face of God in all His glory
Living in peace and harmony in Heaven above
Caring not about this world's painful, enigmatic story
For their tomorrows will be filled with our Father's love

Our lives are as vaporous air, lasting for only a while
Our blood, bones and flesh just a temporary affair
Our souls living on will surely beam a loving smile
Knowing eternal peace will finally be found......up there

The Creator of all life is the Savior of our souls
Keeping us from an eternity filled with horror and pain
Holding open arms to those for whom the bell tolls
Promising a brighter tomorrow for those who remain....

USAF photo by Scott H. Spitzer

The song you hear playing in the background is called, "Hope Has A Place"
Here are the original lyrics to this beautifully touching melody:

Hope Has A Place
by Enya

one look at love
and you may see
it weaves a web
over mystery,
all ravelled threads
can rend apart
for hope has a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in a lover's heart

Whispering world,
A sigh of sighs,
The ebb and the flow
of the ocean tides,
One breath, one word
may end or may start
a hope in a place of the lover's heart,
Hope has a place in a lover's heart.

look to love
you may dream,
and if it should leave
then give it wings.
But if such a love
is meant to be;
Hope is home, and the heart is free.

Under the heavens
we journey far,
on roads of life
we're the wanderers,
So let love rise,
so let love depart,
let hope have a place in the lover's heart
Hope has a place in the lover's heart.

Look to love
and you may dream,
and if it should leave
then give it wings.
But if such a love
is meant to be;
Hope is home, and the heart is free.

Hope is home, and the heart is free.

White Dove Lord in Clouds

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'A Brighter Tomorrow'
©Nancy L. Meek, October 25, 2001

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