A Place to Drown Your Problems

Sometimes you just need a little breather
when it seems life hasn't gotten much easier
but rather harder with every passing day
and it would be great to simply get away.

But where can you go at times like these...
perhaps to a quiet lake adorned with trees
where you can see God wherever you look
His wondrous gifts enough to fill a book.

The massive limbs that shade your walk
offer a cool respite from warring talk
a quiet place to breathe in soothing views
waiting there beyond your eager shoes.

Watch the herons as they smoothly glide
on a cushion of air...a magic carpet ride
skimming the top of the shimmering lake
a special delivery via God...for your sake.


Ahhhhh! Now, this is the life!

Turtles toast their shells but feet away
with nothing else to fill their livelong day
'cept chowing down and paddling about
avoiding, of course, the local gator's snout.

Spring explodes sweet clover upon the bank
for these, busy bees have but God to thank
who foreknew everything they would need
to create honey on which the hungry feed.

Kick your blues off...plan to stay awhile
for there's lots to see to entice a smile
assurance there's more to life than war
like a sweet escape on a placid shore.

A tranquil lake is certainly one of these
inviting a weary soul to its humble knees
to offer up thanks there is no power here
to keep a soul from knowing God is near.

The sun in all its glory comes on strong
coaxing grass to shape a lakeside lawn
green blades yielding beneath your sole
as your eyes soak up the peaceful whole.

So, stroll until you find that perfect spot
to toss those problems you say you've got
then harken to the lark singing from a limb
or discard your clothes for a refreshing swim.

Not to worry, for no one can see you here
for these peaceful waters are inside you, dear,
brought to you by our God who loves you so
and a little ripple who just wanted you to know.


S M I L E!

"A Place to Drown Your Problems"
©Nancy L. Meek, 2004

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